Meet Our Team

Donovan Egan

Donovan’s passion for Architecture was sparked throughout his childhood growing up in Italy & traveling through Europe. His interest in Architecture grew alongside the growth of technology within our industry, which eventually landed Donovan at Lawrence Technological University to study Architecture and Design. Donovan is a graduate of College of Architecture & Design at Lawrence Technological University & graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture in 2010.

Donovan maintains an active presence in the Detroit BIM Community of professionals who pride themselves on being on the top of all new & innovative ways to use technology to help improve the way our profession produces & utilizes construction documents. These practices are what helps our industry and our team here at Saroki Architecture to stay on the top and leading edge of the architecture and design industry. His nearly 20 years of experience with Revit & utilizing its full capabilities has provided him the opportunity to become a BIM / Revit Training Instructor. As our resident BIM Manager Donovan leads our Architectural Team into the new age of Architecture, Design & Technology integration