Architect’s Holiday Gift List

So who has their Holiday shopping done? If you’re still on the lookout for some cool gifts here are a few suggestions for some architecture-themed items: features “nearly 200 watercolors reproduced as deluxe folding cards, as well as table lanterns, hardbound journals, boxed stationery, and exceptional limited-edition books.”  These desk accessories are very chic and functional, and just plain wonderful to look at.

For “the ultimate souvenir for architects and admirers” consider the Glass House Snow Globe from Inside is a miniature version of Philip Johnson’s famed Glass House, a modernistic masterpiece built in Connecticut in 1949.

For the budding architects on your list, think about giving classic Lincoln Logs. Lincoln Logs were invented in 1916 by John Lloyd Wright, son of the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Now how many of us thought they were named after Abraham Lincoln, and be honest!


If you’re looking for a more modernistic version of Lincoln Logs, check out the Lee Storm Wooden Wonderland Building Block Set, offered by Design Within Reach. The other products by Lee Storm on the website are worth a look, too.

And of course we can’t not mention the Lego Architecture Series, for architects of all ages. Lego sure has come a long way from the red, white and blue blocks from the Sixties! Guess the sky(scraper)’s the limit!And if you need more ideas for that Architect in your life, visit Bob Borson’s site This is his 5th edition of gift-giving ideas that you might find very helpful.