30 Years of Design Excellence

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Excellence achieved at every level. Since our founding in 1983, we have believed in achieving excellence at every level of design. At Saroki Architecture, we believe that good design has the ability to touch lives in a way that extends beyond just the built environment into the way we communicate and share information. As we celebrate our 30th anniversary we are thrilled to extend you a warm welcome to Saroki Architecture’s very first blog

Here we intend to enrich the architectural community through the sharing of industry news, positive press and a few noteworthy benchmarks of our own. We encourage you to check back frequently and join in on the conversation. We value your voice and want to hear from you. Our authors are excited to connect and have you share in our culture.

For the last eight months, we have been hard at work. As we celebrate our 30th year, we are proud to debut a complete rebranding of the firm. From Victor Saroki & Associates to Saroki Architecture, our new name and brand carries on our dedication to innovation, our community and continuous excellence in design into the next 30 years.

We want to extend our gratitude to everyone who has attributed to the success of our firm. We hope to have your continued support long into the future.